• Lets get upside down

    The Spirit Cake Sep, 01, 2017

    Handstands (and headstands, sirsasana) are one of the most underrated exercises. One of the reasons people don’t do them is fairly valid: they just think…

  • Power Packed Super Smoothie

    The Spirit Cake

    Super Green Smoothie! Published upon high demand. When I first started out with these, it took me some time to get used to as I…

  • 80% of Top Business Leaders Meditate

    80% of Top Business Leaders Meditate

    The Spirit Cake May, 02, 2017

    80% of top business leaders meditate, at least according to entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss who has interviewed over 200 world-class performers for his weekly…

Respect the BODY
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The aim is to spread awareness over different ways in which one can take care of their body and feel great through alimentation and wellness

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