Lets get upside down

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Handstands (and headstands, sirsasana) are one of the most underrated exercises. One of the reasons people don’t do them is fairly valid: they just think they can’t

Though that shouldn’t deter them from doing them. Therefore whether you do them against the wall,

or freestanding ones there are plenty of reasons why these are good for you.

The blood flow to your brain has an energizing and calming effect, will be specially beneficial when you’re feeling stressed out and in turn gives you a happy feeling.
Another way handstands can help your mood is by reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can not only de-stress you in the short-term but is also known to help relieve minor depression and anxiety.

Out to strengthen your core? Free standing headstands/handstands require a strong core, which in turn helps build the tension.

Skin and hair is a great deal of importance to most people. The position directs the blood flow to the skin thereby improving complexion and helping rid of wrinkles/acne. Whereas hair fall and many hair issues are caused due to bad blood circulation in the scalp. This will not only direct blood but will also help directing it to the scalp.

There are so many more benefits that aren’t just limited to the physical ability. Working towards this position is a challenge to many athletes to date, but starting is an achievement.

Below are a few exercises/stretches I personally use before getting into it. This helps build a sturdier position and stops us from the complaints of wrist pain etc.

8 pikes x 2 sets

wrist flexion : place your hands, spread out on the floor with your fingers pointed towards your body. Get into a position as to where the body weight is on your hands. rock back and forth 8-10 times

wrist flexibility : place your hands, palms facing upwards, spread out with your fingers pointed towards your body. Elbows facing outwards and get into the same motion as above. 8-10 times


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