Power Packed Super Smoothie

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Super Green Smoothie! Published upon high demand.

When I first started out with these, it took me some time to get used to as I had no idea what to add in. Now this one is according to what I need first thing before breakfast and suited to my body.

A glass of this, keeps me full enough to want to have a tiny amount of breakfast and I can last till lunch. It definitely helps me with my green intake of the day and I do feel more energetic.

I use fresh coconut water, as its easily available. You can use the tetra pack as well, just make sure it doesn’t have sugar. Not adding milk as it tends to curdle with the different mix or ingredients, and we are trying not to use dairy.

As for any of the other ingredients, they are easily available in the organic section of you local supermarket. As for the fruits, I picked either of the three cause of their multiple benefits.

Blueberry has the lowest sugar content and is a great antioxidant.

Kiwi is a great source of fiber, has a low glycemic index and boosts immunity.

Banana high in potassium, and great energy source keeping you full for longer.

Although if you feel you aren’t satisfied with what I have recommended below, feel free to get back to me and we can tailor make your morning smoothie 🙂

Energy smoothie


1 kale leaf/ 5 spinach leaves

Handful Goji berries

1 tsp Chlorela

1 tsp Maca powder

1 cup Coconut water

Handful of blueberries/ 1/2 kiwi/ 1/2 banana


I begin by de-stemming the kale. You could keep the stems on but they are hard and tend to be bitter. I stick to one large leaf this is plenty for one person. I soak the leaf in some water as they are quite muddy and just washing them out might not be clean enough.

I add in the goji berries, I’m using dried ones as its hard for me to come across fresh ones, but if you can find them great!

1 tsp chlorela and 1 tsp maca powder, I don’t add too much as I’m relying on more of the fresh ingredients.

I add in whatever water I derive from 1 full coconut and lastly 1 fruit, best part is you don’t even have to chop it. To top it off I pop in an ice cube before blending to keep it cool.

Let the nutri blender run twice for 30 second each. Enjoy 🙂


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